How To Play iOS Games On PC?

Are you thinking how to play ios games on pc? You might have come across a friend who is using iphone or any other ios device, and you wish to play play ios games on pc. Isn’t it? Well, we know that not everyone can afford an ios device.

Generally, most of us have Windows XP, 7, 8, or Windows 10 in our home PCs. The one common complaint everyone has with the Windows developers is that, there are a limited number of applications available for the windows OS users.

After the Google Play Store, Apple has a good number of applications on its Play Store. That is the reason, most of the people wish to run the iPhone applications either on their windows system or Android. However, do you know that there are different ways to play apple games on pc? Yes, it is quite possible to play ios game on pc moreover, you need not buy any Apple system to run the games.

In this article, we have covered a detailed guide on how to play ios games on pc? There are two different ways to play ios game on pc one is by mirroring your iPhone screen on your Windows or Mac PC or to install a third party simulator to run the application.

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Play iOS Games On PC

There are many applications and games available to play ios games on pc. Following are the popular emulators to run ios games on pc:

IPadian App

This application is Adobe air based ios simulator to play ios games on pc which is non-ios based. If you are having either a Linux, Windows, or MAC system, then ipadian app is the best choice.

This application has limited access to apps on the App Store. But you can still play iphone games on pc with an additional benefit of playing your favourite games on the big screen of your computer.

It is highly recommended to use the simulator with the latest version of the Adobe flash player for the application to run better. Also, you can save your games on the pc, with the help of the iPadian application.

QuickTime Player

Quicktime player has a very good user interface and it allows you to play ios games on windows PC. Only thing you need to have is a USB cable to connect your windows system with the iPhone. You can follow the onscreen instructions given on the QuickTime player and connect your iPhone to Windows system.


AirServer is one best application to run iPhone games on windows PC virtually. You can experience your ios games visually on the Windows PC with the help of this application. Best part of this application is that you can run easily pair and mirror the contents of your iPhone on the PC.


If you are not having a trust on installing the third party applications on your PC, then is the go to application for you. This application has an online ios simulator, to run the iphone games on windows PC. You can start playing the ios games on the system by uploading the .ios app bundle in the simulator.


This application is developed from open source MAME project and it is one of the modified versions of Android Operating System. You can play ios9 and above compatible games on this simulator.

IPhone Simulator

This application is available for free of cost and it offers excellent graphics quality while playing the games on your Windows OS. Cloning of iPhone screen can also be done with the help of this iPhone simulator.

Air iPhone Emulator

If you have windows 8, 8.1, or windows 10 system, then this is the perfect emulator to play ios games on pc. It is very easy to use this emulator with the Adobe AIR on your system. You can play the iPhone games on Windows using this application.

Play iPhone Games on PC – Best Alternative

If you are looking for a best alternative to play iphone games on Windows PC, then you must have come across the emulator called bluestacks. You can play all your mobile games on this emulator just like you play on your Android and ios devices.

An emulator is a virtual program that is designed to create a virtual Operating System environment regardless of the native Operating System. Emulators have proven to run all kinds of games and applications compared to the simulators. Even testers and developers use the emulator to test their applications.

I hope this article has provided clear insights on how to play ios games on pc? If you have any other emulators for ios in mind, do let us know in the comment section below.

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