What is idp.generic | IDP Generic Virus [Solved]

IDP.Generic means Identity protection. IDP Generic Avast generally detects the virus. It is either a false positive or a malware that causes the malware attacks on your system, money loss, and also loss of data. IDP Generic virus can also disclose sensitive data available on your laptop or system.

Is IDP generic harmful?

IDP Generic

Whenever your antivirus program detects the malicious content on your system, you need to check the virus once. The idp.generic is a Trojan which is mostly false positive but it does not mean that it is not harmful. If ignored, IDP generic can cause many problems as mentioned earlier.

There is one solution on how to fix idp generic virus avast?

For this method, you can either use any antivirus on your system to detect the Trojan. Else, you can also check by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to VirusTotal website and upload the files needed to be checked.
  • Now, select on the ‘click here’ option and then ‘choose file
  • Now, select and upload the files that were flagged by your antivirus.

You need to wait for the VirusTotal to complete the scanning of your file. If the VirusTotal detects your file is malicious, then you should not ignore the idp.generic error of that file. Else, you can ignore the virus idp.generic error. You can whitelist those files on your system to protect them from being deleted by your antivirus.

IDP.Generic False Positive

IDP.Generic False Positive occurs due to the reason that the antivirus installed on your system uses outdated definitions to mark a file as malicious or malware. Hence, it is always recommended to update your antivirus to the latest version on your PC. This will remove the file from malware section. Even after updating the antivirus if the file shows malicious, then you must change the antivirus system.

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What To Do If you Find False Positive?

If you find a file as false positive, you need to remove it out of the virus vault. Now, follow the instructions given below:

  • Now, open the Avast Antivirus on your PC.
  • Now, move the file to protection.
  • Select virus chest from the tab of protection.
  • Now, select restore and add excursion.

You need to follow these instructions as per the Avast Antivirus. These steps are also applicable for the other antivirus programs. Every antivirus has a vault and you can retrieve the files from it.

In case, if you want to inform the Avast antivirus regarding the false positive, you need to upload the file on the false-positive form.


The Avast antivirus program uses the Identity protection component to detect the idp.generic file or any other unusual activities in the program. It is advisable not to ignore the idp generic file error, rather fix it immediately to save your data.

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