Chromium OS Review

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then certainly you would have heard about the chromium OS by Google but hearing and knowing are two different things. Chromium OS has been developed by Google and what it makes better than other OS’s is the fact that its very lite and take very less time to boot. Along with that power consumption and the consumption of other resources are very less too. So, any laptop that has low specifications can use this OS, as it is a cloud computing OS. 

Chromium OS Review

So, what else is special about this OS, apart from all the things that we just mentioned above? Well, the Chromium OS has bunch of advantages and apart from all that. Here are a few advantages of this OS down below. 

  • The user interface of this OS is very simple and can also very easy to use. So, you could say that anyone can use this OS with ease. 
  • It uses very low battery power and like that your device will most likely run a lot more just on battery power from the time it had another OS. 
  • You can backup all your data, which means all your files and folders on Cloud and that too in real time. 
  • Suppose that you have and old hardware and you are quite adamant about using the same system itself. So, what you can do is install this OS. If your device has low end specs, the performance of the device will be very smooth. 

So, are you interested in getting this OS for your device? Well, here are a few simple and easy steps by following which you can quite easily down and install this OS on your device. 

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Ways to Download and Install Chromium OS?

There are two processes by following which you can get this OS on your device. The first step is the standalone installation, this will directly download and Install the Chromium OS on your system and alongside that it will get rid of the older one as well. 

The Second is that you can dual boot this one, which means that if you want to keep your older OS, then you can download and install it alongside your older OS. So, whichever you want to use, for that you need to go to the Boot menu and choose accordingly. 

Who Should Opt. for this OS? 

Well, anyone can use this OS but it is preferable for those whose work is mostly associated to a browser. In simple words you can say that a person who work online all the time should choose this OS. Alongside that, people who use basic office tools can also use this OS. 

But if you are someone who want to play games and watch movies on this, then you should stick to your old OS as this for working in cloud-based environment. 


We have used and tested this for ourselves as well and we were quite surprised by the performance of this OS. The browser is lightning fast and you can only get know about it once you start using it. So get for yourself as soon as possible. 

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