Best Way To Cool Laptop While Gaming

Have you ever try to find out best way to cool laptop while gaming? Keeping your PC cool while gaming is not an easy task. You need a roomy case with few fans for inlet and outlet of the air, which is very heavy to build.

If you don’t have a budget constraint to keep gaming laptop cool, then there are many solutions available in the market. When it comes to cooling a gaming laptop, the solutions are bit concerning. Hence, in this article we have discussed some of the best ways to cool a laptop while gaming.

Gaming laptops are one of the latest trends these days. No more traditional gaming laptops which were heavy, gaudy, with a poor performance. Most of the gaming laptops in the recent times have provided best looks and also is liked by many people.

But, the only issue is that the gaming laptops get heated quickly due to the extreme gaming sessions.

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Best Way To Cool Laptop While Gaming

Best Way To Cool Laptop While Gaming

Though we are discussing best way to keep laptop cool while gaming, these tips can be applied to all laptops in general.

So, here are some of the best ways to cool laptop while gaming

Remove Dust from the Internals of Your Laptop

One of the best way to cool a laptop is to clean the accumulated dust in your laptop. The more is the dust accumulated, the more is the heat produced. The reason is that the dust blocks the air flow in your system and it causes the fan speed to go slow.

Slower cooling fan speed means low cooling and increase in the temperature of the system. This is just like a domino effect in the system. So, you should always try to make the laptop cool from inside and out as well.

Firstly, you need to clean the exhaust of your laptop as the dust is accumulated over there. You can also use the vacuum cleaner to clean the laptop. Once you finish cleaning the exhaust of your laptop, try to open the lid and clean the internals with the help of nylon bristles and a painting brush.

If you are not sure about how to clean your laptop, the try to refer some YouTube channels where the process is explained in brief.

Get A Cooling Pad For Your Laptop

Most of the people think that cooling pads do not work much to keep laptop cool but that is not true. Though, there are a multiple low quality laptop cooler available to buy, you can still purchase one laptop cooling pad that works pretty well.

Basically, a laptop cooler helps in keeping laptop cool by intake of hot air from the laptop and release it through sideways. It works similar to an exhaust fan, hence if you have more fans in the cooling pad, the better is the dissipation of heat.

You can also check for the better laptop coolers available online in amazon. Also, there are many laptop cooling methods available online which you can do it at home.

Close Unnecessary Applications Running in the Background

It is a known fact that the applications keep running the background and go unnoticed while working on the laptop. This also affects the gaming performance of your laptop.

Each application present on your laptop will heat the system and makes the system performance slow. The CPU power and memory are not utilized in a proper manner.

In order to close the applications running in the background, make sure to open the task manager in your Windows or Mac system and close all the applications running.

Just make sure not to close any of the applications that are related to your Operating System.

Apply Thermal Paste To GPU and CPU

Sometimes, manufacturers apply a thermal paste on your GPU and CPU in order to keep the laptop cool while gaming. In some cases, the thermal paste is not applied at all.

Check the video to understand how you can keep the laptop cool while gaming, with the help of the thermal paste.

Improve the Hardware of Your System

One of the best way to cool laptop while gaming is to improve the hardware of your PC.

If the hardware performance of your laptop is poor, it can get heated up quickly. So, try to get an SSD for your laptop or increase the size of the RAM for better performance.

Shifting your laptop from HDD to SSD will show impressive results in terms of the performance, and also you will notice that the laptop does not get heated very quickly.

The reason for improvement in performance is due to the faster loading times on SSD compared to the traditional hard disk. Also, increasing the size of the RAM helps your CPU to manage the resources efficiently and effectively.


These are some of the basic and best way to cool laptop while gaming. Hope, this article has provided enough insights on how to keep laptop cool while gaming and also methods to cool it at your home.

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