Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable

How does one fix the “active directory domain services unavailable” issue? Well, there are quite a few solutions available for this, and we are going to provide you with all of these. But before we head to that, let’s look and few in-depth details about this.

So, what is this “active directory domain services unavailable” issue? This an error message that appears when a system is unable to detect a printer and cannot further print the printable materials. Let’s discuss more these down below.

“Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable” Issue

Windows is probably the most dominant OS out there, and they have been providing seamless services for quite a long time. But sometimes we face some errors with windows as well, and one of those is “active directory domain services unavailable” error message. And these error messages really do seem to get on our nerves.

The solution to the problem is quite simple. So, if you are looking for a solution to this problem, then keep reading.

This error message mostly appears while printing, and if you are quite familiar with printing, then you might have faced it quite a lot of times. This problem is mostly related to MS Word and its components and occurs while getting a printout.

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So, you are trying to get a printout, and suddenly you get this error message. This message occurs when the system fails to detect the printer and is unable to continue printing anymore. A lot of people think that the problem happens in particular printers, but actually, it can happen with all printers.

But how does one solve this issue? Well, solving the issue is very simple, and you just have to follow a simple process to get rid of this error message. The solution has been provided below.

Solution 1: Troubleshooting:

This one is really simple, and you just have to do a basic printer troubleshooting. If you don’t know how to do that, it won’t be a big deal. Just check the steps provided below, and you will be good to go.

  • To run a basic printer troubleshooting, the first step is to press the Windows and W button together.
  • After that is done, you need a list will appear on your screen. This is the troubleshooting menu, and from that, you need to locate the printer option and click on it.
  • After that, the system will show you some basic steps, and you just have to follow through those. All these steps will take around a few minutes or seconds. When all of those, the system will display and message and there you can just ask the system to resolve the issues by itself, and it will follow through.

That is how you fix the issues by a simple troubleshooting process.

Solution 2: Restart the Print Spooler Service:

This process is quite simple too and just follow the steps, and that would be all.

  • First of all, you need to press both the Windows and R button together, and this will open the Run command.
  • In the space provided there, you need to type “services.msc.” This will start a search for the print spooler service and check whether it is running or not.
  • If the service is not running, then you need to stop and start running it again, and that would be all.

This is the second process by following which you can get rid of this error message.

Solution 3: Give Permissions and Use Registry Editors:

This solution is very simple too. Just check the steps that have been provided below.

  • To begin the process, you need to press, Windows and R button together.
  • Now, you need to open the registry editor from there, and for that, you need to type “Regedit” in the dialogue box.
  • Locate the three subkeys in the current version key. i.e. Printer Ports, Windows and Devices.
  • When all that is done, get permissions for those separately and then tick on the Allow option and the full control option and then press on Apply.

So, these are the three steps by following which you will be able to solve the active directory domain services unavailable error message. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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