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As the name suggests, there is a strong connection between software and your network. As you saw earlier in this comparison guide, the best 123Movies creates a “virtual tunnel” to keep you away from all risks on the internet.

123movies ✔️ The purpose of 123Movies is to create a secure connection between you and the internet. It does this by encrypting all your streaming via a protocol (Open123Movies, L2TP, IPSEC, IKEv2, PPTP, etc.) with an ultra-secure encryption key. This materializes as a new IP address that matches that of the server you connected to.

Don’t panic if you don’t understand: you don’t need to be proficient in understanding how 123Movies software works. You should know that with such security software, nobody knows what you are doing on the internet (not even your ISP).

Best 123Movies

What is a 123Movies for?

Originally, 123Movies were designed to allow employees to access their company network remotely. This allowed remote work in a 100% secure manner. In 2020, the use of 123Movies has changed and they are now also used for other, more diverse purposes. We think of bypassing censorship, anonymous browsing, access to geo-limited content (censorship) or even P2P downloading.

The main uses of 123Movies

Before choosing the best 123Movies for the comparison, you want to know more about the uses you can make of it.

The first reason is security since such software will encrypt your streaming, but also give you a new IP address to browse anonymously.

The second reason is bypassing the geo-restriction, especially when it comes to watching channels that are not available in your country. By using your 123Movies, you will virtually change your location and be able to access geo-restricted content.

The last reason you’re going to use a 123Movies is to unblock … blocked sites. For example, if you are blocked at work, in a hotel or in an airport: the best 123Movies, by encrypting your streaming, will unblock you access to any website.

If all of these reasons are not enough to convince you, you should also know that a 123Movies protects you for P2P torrent downloads. Again, no hacker will be able to reach you since the IP address that appears is not yours but that of the 123Movies software server.

This tool will also allow you to improve your gaming experience. Whether on a computer, Playstation or Xbox, the 123Movies can improve your ping and protect you against DDoS attacks. So you will have even less latency.

123Movies comparative ranking in 2021:

Which 123Movies to choose, for which objectives?

Not everyone has the same needs. In fact, although we have presented our ranking of the best 123Movies at the top, it will be useful for you to narrow your choice. Which 123Movies comparison is right for you? Which one meets your specific need? We will help you find it in the section below.

Protect your sensitive streaming

streaming security is a primary use case for 123Movies, both in the workplace and in the private sphere. As we explained to you at the beginning with the definition of 123Movies, this software allows you to encrypt your streaming without any technical knowledge. You just have to click on a button and everything will be done automatically.

People who frequently use public Wi-Fi networks should encrypt their sensitive streaming to prevent malicious people from stealing sensitive information.

For everything related to streaming security, we can recommend 123Movies, but also 123Movies or 123Movies which all provide a very high level of security. They have the Kill Switch functionality and do not keep any connection streaming (no log). Remember that they are located in the British Virgin Islands, Panama or Switzerland, 3 countries where streaming is not kept.

Bypass web censorship

If you are wondering which 123Movies to take to bypass geo-censorship, the best candidate will be one that works in every country in the world, even the most censored ones. For this need, we have one candidate that really stands out, and that is 123Movies. Indeed, it is the only 123Movies in our review to work without incident in all countries of the world, including China or Russia.

Enjoy unlimited streaming

Streaming will be of interest to more than one user of this software. Indeed, the 123Movies will be very useful to you in this case since it will allow you to unblock all geo-blocked platforms. With the most popular 123Movies, you will be able to view US Netflix content when you are outside the US, or continue to view the Netflix FR library when you are abroad. You can also watch foreign TV channels from 123Movies.

So, which 123Movies to choose if your goal is to use your service for streaming? Once again, it is 123Movies that we recommend. And for good reason, thanks to its excellent speed, it will allow you to stream in HD without worrying about loading. If you try to do the same with a free or limited service, you will quickly understand why the emphasis is on its speed. In short, the best 123Movies in the comparison addresses these issues.

Netflix 123Movies Streaming

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For online games

If you are a gamer, 123Movies can help. They allow you to unlock games that are unavailable in your country, to access specific game rooms in certain locations and to drop your ping.

Choosing your 123Movies for gaming is not easy and the best we recommend for this use is Stream 123Movies. Indeed, it is the ideal compromise between good speed, security, wide choice of servers and low price. With its price placed at less than 3 €, it will suit the majority of players.

Hide (or change) your IP address

Some people want to change their IP address to browse anonymously or just to locate in another country. There can be many reasons for this and 123Movies is a perfect cybersecurity tool to achieve this goal. That’s why a better 123Movies must be flawless in connection speed, that’s clear.

Hide IP address

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The perfect 123Movies in our comparison to change an IP address must obviously have many servers, synonymous with many available IPs. We can then strongly redirect you to Stream 123Movies (6,500 servers in 90 countries) and 123Movies (with its more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries).

For download

The downloading of torrents in 123Movies is very controlled. Remember, it is forbidden to download and share P2P torrent files if you do not have the intellectual property rights. Choosing a 123Movies software for downloading depends on parameters such as:


The Kill Switch feature

No streaming transfer limit

Lack of log retention

P2P acceptance

We must therefore choose a technology publisher that is irreproachable on all these points. The best 123Movies is, again, 123Movies. We will not emphasize once again its excellent performance for all these criteria. He therefore appears as the dream candidate for this.

To unblock blocked sites

At your workplace, at your hotel, at your university, at an airport… there are many places where you can run into site blockages. This is not related to censorship at the country level, but specific to networks that decide to make access to sites impossible.

How to continue to access these sites? Which 123Movies to choose to unblock all sites without difficulty? 123Movies, Stream 123Movies, 123Movies or Surfshark should all meet this need as well. Indeed, all you need to do is have a 123Movies capable of encrypting your streaming to prevent the internet service provider from seeing the site you want to access. Once your streaming is encrypted with the best 123Movies in the comparison, you will have no blocking and will finally be able to browse the internet freely.

Ranking: which better 123Movies to choose?

Among the most secure tools, the best 123Movies is to choose between 123Movies, Stream and NordPVN . These three technology publishers have proven their know-how in recent years. They offer reliable and serious cybersecurity solutions.

If you are looking for a 123Movies that does its job well, you better go for quality. Going for a free 123Movies might do the opposite of what you’re looking for – sometimes they can resell your streaming or hack you. Better to take a secure and paid 123Movies that offers complete transparency on its business model.

To learn more about 123Movies, it’s here:

DISCOVER 123Movies

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About 123Movies

You now know the best comparator 123Movies that we have presented to you. You also know which 123Movies to choose, depending on your needs and your budget. We are going to go through some of the questions asked by the community.

How to install and use a 123Movies?

Installing a 123Movies is very easy. On computer (macOS and Windows) you will have to download the application and follow the installation tutorial which will take you less than 60 seconds. On phone and tablet, go to the App Store (for iPad and iPhone) or the Play Store (Android) to download and install a 123Movies application.

The best 123Movies providers, like 123Movies, also offer apps for Smart TV, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox, Router, Linux, or extensions for Chrome and Firefox. In some cases, the installations may take a little longer.

To use your 123Movies, nothing could be simpler. Identify yourself with your email and username and password, then elect a server to connect to.

How many devices are protected?

The number of devices you can protect alongside a 123Movies subscription varies by provider. In our 123Movies comparison, all the publishers all offer a minimum of 5 simultaneous connections.

This means that you will be able to protect your computer, tablet, phone, and even share with family and / or friends at the same time. Please note, some suppliers speak of the number of installations while others speak of the number of simultaneous uses. Pay close attention to this nuance.

How to choose the right 123Movies protocol?

There are different 123Movies protocols like Open123Movies (which is the best known and used), PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC or even IKEv2. In general, the protocol used by most 123Movies vendors is Open123Movies. It is the one that offers the best ratio between speed and safety. In some cases, or some countries, it will be blocked. It will then be necessary to change for different protocols. The choice of protocol depends on the network you are on and the speed / security ratio you are looking for.

The best 123Movies offers an option to automatically choose the protocol. So you don’t have to wonder and let the software choose for you. This is what we recommend, it is the easiest.

Is 123Movies Legal?

123Movies are legal in 123Movies and so is their use. There are a lot of companies using them, so you won’t have any legal issues. It is different for a few rare countries such as China, Russia or Turkey – 3 countries where Virtual Private Networks are prohibited.

Are there free 123Movies?

Yes there are, but they will never be the best for many reasons. Having a quality 123Movies costs providers a lot of money, both to expand their server network. It also allows them to provide quality customer support or improve software.

Therefore, free offers are strongly discouraged if you do not want to have unpleasant surprises. Tell yourself that when it’s free, you are the product. Quite often, the few good free 123Movies vendors offer paid deals for their funding. They also limit the monthly bandwidth, stopping you quickly. This is the case of Windscribe or 123Movies that we present to you in our comparison of the best free 123Movies .

Am I really safe with a 123Movies?

As long as you choose the right one, yes, absolutely. Millions of people trust 123Movies for their internet browsing, and top providers like 123Movies have never known a complaint.

However, you must be careful that your “Kill Switch” function is active and that the editor you have selected is serious.

Is it possible to get reimbursed?

It is quite possible to get a refund if you are not satisfied with your Virtual Private Network. The providers in our comparison of the best 123Movies all offer an unconditional “money-back” period. It is 30 days on average but can sometimes be longer, as is the case with Stream 123Movies (45 days).

Why is my speed dropping?

It is normal to see its speed slow when the 123Movies is active. It has to do with how a 123Movies itself works. A Virtual Private Network will create a secure tunnel between you and a server before arriving at the website you are visiting. Logically, this extra step will add latency in the streaming transfer.

This is where using a quality 123Movies, like the ones shown in our rankings above, is essential to minimize speed loss. Even with the best 123Movies, you won’t be able to have 100% of the potential of your default connection. In rare cases (ISP limitations) you may have better results with the 123Movies on than when it is inactive. This concerns upload speeds.

What if my 123Movies isn’t working?

Sometimes, the 123Movies may fail to connect or encounter unwanted disconnections. In this case, first try to change the protocol. If that doesn’t work, you have to change the server.

Finally, if the problem is still not resolved, contact the support of your internet service provider. He should usually respond to you within a few minutes at most. If this is not the case, it is better to cancel. Everyone has their specificities, so a 123Movies is not the best 123Movies for everyone.

Can I use it with Netflix?

It is quite possible to use your 123Movies for Netflix as long as you choose one that works. All providers in our 123Movies comparison have been tested and validated for use with Netflix. You will therefore have no trouble unblocking catalogs from other countries (UK, US…) if you choose their services. But beware, you will need a Netflix FR package to take advantage of the other catalogs.

What is a log for a 123Movies?

The logs, or connection logs, are the traces that are recorded by your ISP when you activate your Virtual Private Network. It is essential to choose a 123Movies that does not keep a log in order to maintain your security and 100% of your anonymity.

How do I configure my software?

The default configuration is generally correct. In some cases, it is necessary to manually activate the Kill Switch (highly recommended). You also have the possibility to change the protocol, but it is not mandatory. As soon as your 123Movies is installed on a phone or computer (or whatever), it is good to be used in a secure manner.

What device can I use the software on?

It is possible to install and use a 123Movies on many devices. We can cite smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Honor, Huawei, …), tablets, computers (Mac, Windows, Linux), game consoles (PlayStation or Xbox), Smart TVs, routers, Apple TV or Fire TV Stick etc.

Is a 123Movies like a proxy?

No. A 123Movies is more than just a proxy. This only allows you to change your IP address but does not encrypt your connection streaming in any way. A 123Movies is much more complete and secure. Proxies were popular for a while, but they have lost their luster. Since 2010, 123Movies have taken over because their usefulness is legitimate. Hence our 123Movies comparison on this page.

What is the cost for the cheapest solution?

You can find 123Movies for as little as $ 2 per month. Be careful, however, not to look for the cheapest. Indeed, as we have already pointed out, there are costs involved in providing quality service and quality protection.

What is a 123Movies, what is it for? Definition.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it’s important to understand what a 123Movies is, and more importantly why it’s useful. The acronym stands for Virtual Private Network, or Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, the basic idea is to create a private network between two computers isolated from the rest of the world. This functionality is still used today in companies in order to be able to access the company’s servers remotely, when one is on the move for example.

But the technology has much more potential, and the 123Movies is now used by the general public to protect their privacy. A 123Movies can act as a gateway to the internet, camouflaging the real user’s IP address. It is therefore untraceable , or at least much more difficult. This is how 123Movies are used to escape the eyes of an authoritarian state that controls the internet.

In our democracies, the idea is above all to avoid being followed by advertisers, and to access services reserved for given regions, such as television channels for example. You will be able to watch 123Movies TV on the move or in England. Remember that in 123Movies the use of a 123Movies is perfectly legal. On the other hand, the use that you will be able to make of it will not necessarily be it, such as downloading non-royalty-free files, or bypassing regional filtering. For the sake of testing, we had to bypass said filterings, but we don’t recommend this type of use.

Why use a 123Movies?

A 123Movies alone is a simple way to increase your security and access resources on a network to which you are not physically connected. What you will end up doing using a 123Movies is another thing. Generally, 123Movies users can be divided into different categories:

You are on a public network, such as an internet café or an airport

If you use a public WLAN, a 123Movies is your best friend, even if it is password protected. Because if a hacker is in the same WLAN, it is quite easy for them to spy on your streaming. The basic security offered by your average Internet cafe, namely a WPA2 password, is not sufficient to provide strong protection against other users on the network.

By using a 123Movies, you add an extra layer to your streaming security by bypassing your internet cafe’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) and encrypting all your communications. The pirates will thus pass to easier prey.

You travel

If you are traveling to a foreign country (like China, where websites like Facebook are inaccessible), a 123Movies can help you access services that may not be available in that country.

Usually the 123Movies gives you the option of accessing streaming services that you pay for and have access to in your home country, but are blocked in another country due to international legal issues. With a 123Movies, you can therefore enjoy the service in the same way as at home. General 123Movies usage shows huge spikes in non-US countries at events such as the Super Bowl (US American Professional Football League Finals, National Football League, NFL) and March Madness (National College Basketball Championship ). Netflix is ??constantly trying to take action against 123Movies users, but many 123Movies providers are responding with appropriate adjustments to their services.

Travelers could also get a lower rate using the service, as prices may vary from region to region.

You are a nomadic worker or student

Usually, a 123Movies service provided by the company or school is used for this purpose. This allows content to be accessed on the go or at home. Additionally, a 123Movies can protect network resources when you are in public WIFI networks, such as those often found in airports or coffee shops.

You are a dissident politician

Some countries do not enjoy the same protection of press freedom, freedom of expression as many Western countries. Some regimes take drastic measures to monitor and combat those they see as a threat.

In fact, you almost have to take it for granted that the use of a 123Movies for the Internet is indispensable for political dissidents (along with other streaming protection tools) in a repressive regime. However, they are not always a good solution and governments are starting to crack down on their use.

You just want some privacy

Even from the comfort of your own four walls, using a 123Movies for your regular internet activity isn’t a bad idea. In general, this will prevent you from leaving traces on the Internet that could be spied on by your service provider.

If you’re looking for a 123Movies for everyday surfing, it’s worth doing your research.

A combination of the previous points

This division is not mutually exclusive and many of us will fall into one category or another. In all of these cases, a 123Movies service can be useful.

Even if none of the above are right for you, you can still benefit from a 123Movies. You should definitely use one if you are traveling or working from an untrusted network (i.e. a network that doesn’t belong to you or a network that you don’t manage). Opening your laptop in an internet cafe to log into Facebook or check your emails at the airport using your mobile phone can be a potential risk.

With a 123Movies, your internet provider may no longer have access to your browser streaming, but you can’t stop your 123Movies provider from doing so. Some 123Movies providers even sell this streaming to third parties, as your internet provider might or might not, which would take you back to the beginning of streaming security. This is why you should be especially careful with “free” 123Movies providers. Since these services always want to make money, your streaming is probably the main source of income. Still, the 123Movies provider’s terms and conditions are generally better for your privacy than those of Comcast, for example. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you should use a paid 123Movies service instead.

In a nutshell: If for whatever reason you are concerned about privacy, using a 123Movies is a good option. However, the prerequisite is that you read the fine print of your 123Movies provider. And don’t believe everything you’re told, because some 123Movies providers claim they don’t store user streaming, but third parties have found evidence to the contrary. So it is better to choose a 123Movies that is not located in your country!

Which free 123Movies to choose ? What is a free 123Movies?

Free is always a tempting price, but it often makes sense to pay. Free 123Movies providersare more likely to save your streaming and display pop-up ads when you sign in. They will also be much more likely to use the information gathered about your usage patterns to personalize your future advertisements. Often, they also offer fewer exit options and weak streaming protection obligations. If you want to access services from abroad, it must be said that free providers are often located and blocked more quickly. You may therefore be forced to change it often. If you have concerns about registration and privacy is important to you, you should avoid these providers. However,

Even some paid 123Movies store user streaming, it just means that every assignment goes from your internet provider to the 123Movies provider. This can make it harder for law enforcement to access your streaming if your 123Movies is not located in your home country.

As you will see, we have therefore made the choice to compare only paid 123Movies. The free services that we have looked at while preparing this article do not in our opinion meet sufficient criteria of reliability. Insofar as the vocation of a 123Movies is to protect its private life, it seemed rather illogical to us to offer free offers which must sometimes be remunerated… by advertising.

The third type of 123Movies is television 123Movies. You don’t need to have cable or satellite TV any more. With television Putlocker streaming, public and private TV channels can now even be received as a live stream over the Internet. Even then, TV Putlocker streaming is available in different ways. Providers such as Magine TV or Zattoo offer television Putlocker streaming as well as Internet and cable network operators.

123Movies services compared: you need these devices

123Movies sitesIn order to be able to watch the putlocker and series of the video putlocker streaming providers or to listen to the latest music titles, a number of devices are now available. In addition to the home computer or laptop , this can also be done on the smartphone or tablet. In addition, the 123 movies streaming services can also be fully enjoyed on Smart TV. Special hardware such as Fire TV or Chromecast is also available. Game consoles also have the option of receiving individual streaming services. Since 2019 it has even been possible to use the apps from Spotify and Netflix via the Sky Q receiver from the pay TV provider Sky.

123Movies differences: on-demand and live 123 movies streaming in view

The fact that 123 movies streaming is not the same as 123 movies streaming is not only evident from the different 123 movies streaming types. Another distinction is also very important when viewing and listening to movies: video-on-demand or live 123 movies 123Movies. With live 123Movies, you can stream an event live in real time on your respective device. This is mainly used at concerts and sports events. The moment you join the current broadcast, you are in the middle of the current situation. With video-on-demand, on the other hand, you can access the film, series, music title or the repetition of the sports broadcast at the time you want. You can view the relevant movies whenever you want.

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